Before/After Care

Just like younger children, school age children need structure and instruction on responsibility and organization of their time and belongings. The before/after care schedule is balanced with child directed times, as well as times that are set aside for the "must do's" for the day. We will help teach them the responsibilities of getting belongings ready for school, as well as organizing papers and homework when they get back from school. If families do not wish for their child to complete homework at after care, please let us know.

7:30-8:00 Breakfast

8:15 Get belongings ready

8:35 Depart for school

When children come home from school they will:

- Put belongings away (back packs in designated area, coats hung up, etc)

-Snack (15-20 minutes)

* On nice days we will go outside, have snack outside, play, and then complete homework at the outside tables.

-20 minute play/ rest break

-Homework sessions begin (children will be supervised and assisted with homework). 1:1 homework help will be provided for those in need. If you would like tutoring, please let us know.

-If a child has more than 30 minutes of homework, they will be provided a 15 minute break

- Free play and/or scheduled activities

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