It is vital for a young child to have a schedule and structure. Children feel more secure when they can predict what is going to happen during their day, and a schedule also allows children to better organize information and time.


7:00 am

Breakfast, Relax or Play- The dining room and both living rooms will be open during arrival time. Children can play with toys, or rest on a comfy couch if they need a little bit more time to wake up. School age children will have help to organize themselves to get ready for school.

7:45 am

Breakfast for all children. If a child does not want to eat this early, they may eat any time before 9:00am

9:00 am


Plan- Children will plan what activities they want to participate in during play time

Free play/Do- Children will choose their own games and activities. There will be a variety of toys, games, and activities available to the children geared toward enhancing their growth and development. Activities that are related to the unit and/or skills will be provided during this time as well.

9:40 am

Clean up and Review- Children will meet and share what they accomplished during play

9:50 am

Morning meeting/message board- Children will meet in the school room as a large group. Greeting, early literacy, math, unit activities, and more will be covered during this time.

10:20 am

Outside/Science/or Play (depending on weather)


Morning Snack

11:00 am

Small group (literacy, math, or unit theme)

11:30 pm

Music and Movement


Literacy/departure for preschoolers


Wash up/lunch

1:00 pm

Children get ready for rest time.

Rest Time. All children are given a short rest period.

Nap / Rest time-Children will be separated in different areas based on rest time needs (children that go to sleep, children that rest, and children that rest and then need a quiet activity).

2:30 pm


3:45 pm


4:00 pm


4:30 pm


4:30 pm

Departure begins

Damascus Child Care 2013